• Noise Exposure Monitoring Services

    Exposure to noise can pose a variety of health and safety risks to workers including hearing loss, physiological effects and stress.

    Alcumus (UK) have the experience, tools and knowledge to help you not only reduce your exposure to noise, but provide meaningful and practical advice on your next steps. After an initial walkthrough survey of your premises, Alcumus perform a full noise survey, providing all the information you need to manage noise properly in your workplace.

    Alcumus can provide: Personal spot measurement, Shift length personal dosimetry, Octave band frequency analysis, Environmental noise measurement, Analysis of hearing protection, and Noise competency training.

    The occupational hygienists at Alcumus specialise in controlling workplace health risks by assessing hazards across a variety of environments including high risk workplaces such as factories, hospitals, offices and building sites. Using their expertise they will assess the short and long-term effects on health arising from exposure to workplace hazards and help ensure that your business is meeting its legislative requirements in terms of ensuring ‘adequate control’ measures to protect people: COSHH management, Hand arm/whole body vibration, Air monitoring, Local exhaust ventilation, and Workplace environment surveys.

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