• CODEL International Announces Success at MCERTS

    CODEL International (UK) has recently obtained MCERTS Certification for the DCEM 2001 Opacity monitor and VCEM 5100 flow monitor.
    Both analysers were tested by TUV Rhineland at sites operating under the EU Industrial Emissions Directive; they are both certified by MCERTS and TUV under EN 15267 QAL1 for use on all EU IED processes.
    The DCEM 2100 represents the latest evolution of CODEL’s world renowned Opacity monitors. The analyser has been significantly improved with new optical benches, upgraded zero and span checking system and a new electronic signal processing system..
    The VCEM 5100 flow monitoring technology offers significant benefits over other types of flow measurement devices. It uses naturally occurring infra-red patterns emitted from moving flow disturbances which are measured by two passive infra-red sensors, a fixed distance apart. Stack gas velocity is calculated by measuring the time of flight of these transient events between the two sensors.
    The GCEM 40 series in-situ..

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  • New Noise Measurement Meter – in a Class 2 of Its Own

    Cirrus Research (UK) is offering a “One Product/One Price” package that covers all Noise at Work requirements through its Optimus Red noise measurement meters.
    With no hidden extras at hidden costs, the Optimus Red can claim to be the industry leading product that covers ALL areas of UK and European Noise at Work legislation, taking away any uncertainty for professionals looking for a Class 2 sound level meter. A sound level meter used for Noise at Work measurements should ideally meet Class 2 of the latest standards and all of the Optimus Red instruments meet or exceed this requirement.
    “We know that it can be confusing for customers in terms of which product will meet their exact needs and that’s why we have the Optimus Red so they know it has absolutely everything covered for Noise at Work measurements,” explained Marketing Manager Thomas Shelton.
    “Some products on the market offer a basic noise measurement model but then you have to choose add-ons such as a data logging system. ..

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  • Can You Hear It? It’s here!

    Castle Group Ltd (UK) is delighted to announce their latest new product – the Castle dBAir Sound Meter. Making the most of state-of-the art technologies such as Wi-Fi, Cloud software and ultra-powerful processors, this development looks like it will set a new benchmark in sound monitoring.
    Coming in 3 models, there’s a Safety, Environmental, and Safety & Environmental version, all of which encompass every noise parameter you could possibly require for that application.
    Castle have thoughtfully designed a range of application specific systems, which comprise everything you need to carry out specific tasks – including full, free-to-use, Cloud based software.
    Simon Bull, Managing Director, had this to say about the range of systems, “During our 45 year history we’ve met and spoken to a thousands of customers, so we know how important it is to ensure that the equipment you use helps keep your job as simple as possible. In light of this, we have made every effort to ensure that this inst..

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  • CODEL International Release the EnergyTech 301

    CODEL International (UK) has just released the EnergyTech 301, a new and advanced tribo-electric dust monitor evolving from tried and tested technology.
    The new EnergyTech 301 has dual capability as it can be used as an indicative monitor and also be calibrated in mg/m3 as a quantitative monitor. The sensor features an integral control unit with a display and input keys for set up.
    The quantitative version has an automatic zero and span checking system to ensure drift is kept to a minimum. Calibration is accomplished by comparison with a standard reference method test.
    The EnergyTech 301 will mostly be installed on dust collectors but can also be used on a wide range of other processes.

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