• Noise Exposure Monitoring Services

    Exposure to noise can pose a variety of health and safety risks to workers including hearing loss, physiological effects and stress.
    Alcumus (UK) have the experience, tools and knowledge to help you not only reduce your exposure to noise, but provide meaningful and practical advice on your next steps. After an initial walkthrough survey of your premises, Alcumus perform a full noise survey, providing all the information you need to manage noise properly in your workplace.
    Alcumus can provide: Personal spot measurement, Shift length personal dosimetry, Octave band frequency analysis, Environmental noise measurement, Analysis of hearing protection, and Noise competency training.
    The occupational hygienists at Alcumus specialise in controlling workplace health risks by assessing hazards across a variety of environments including high risk workplaces such as factories, hospitals, offices and building sites. Using their expertise they will assess the short and long-term effects on health..

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  • Low-Cost Optical Dust/Smoke Monitor Range Released

    EnergyTech is a new range of gas and particulate analysers focused on power generation process, safety and efficiency. The EnergyTech 101 is a low cost optical dust/smoke monitor, the 301 is a new tribo-electric dust monitor that can be used in indicative and calibrated modes.
    The EnergyTech 200 series is a new range of mill, silo and other combustion process monitors configurable from 1 to 4 channels. This analyser has both Carbon Monoxide and Oxygen measurement capability. The key innovation on this analyser is a new extractive system that removes the need for intrusive probes which are eroded by abrasive coal dust and need changing on a regular basis. This unique, proven solution from CODEL International (UK) will dramatically reduce the cost and downtime of the plant.

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  • Workplace Noise Monitoring, Air Quality & Assessments

    R&B Industrial (UK) undertake Workplace Noise Assessments, meeting the requirement of the Control of Noise at Work Regulations (2005), in order to evaluate and advise on appropriate measures to manage the risk.
    The R&B Engineering team have particular expertise in providing design, installation of LEV Systems & Noise Control Solutions.Their approach can reduce costs as duplication of engineering design and consultancy across multiple organisations is avoided, facilitating efficient communication and administration. This can include for example enclosures, attenuation, dampening etc.
    R&B Industrial can also offer the following services, in conjunction with a Noise Survey, as part of a single cost-effective package: Personal Air Monitoring Surveys providing compliance with COSHH Regulation 10, ‘Swab’ samples can also be taken for assessing health/skin absorption risk, Qualitative & quantitative Face Fit (for RPE) & Breathing Air (BA) Testing, Stack Emissions Monitoring, DSEAR & Fire Ris..

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  • Say Hi to Wi-Fi – Instant, Wireless Data Transfer

    With Wi-Fi as standard in the all new dBAir from Castle Group ltd (UK), the world of sound is set to change forever! No more fiddling around for the right cable, failed connection to a PC or out-of-date software, the dBAir sends measured data directly to the Castle Cloud software platform, where the user simply logs in from any computer or mobile device and all the data is at hand.
    One of the most tedious aspects in the process of carrying out Noise Assessments is transforming your measurement into a report. This involves taking the data off your sound meter, downloading the data to a computer, exporting data into the software, interpreting the data and finally creating a report. All of this is now handled seamlessly with the Castle dBAir and the Castle Cloud software portal, and what’s more, you don’t need a book to be able to work it all.
    By connecting the dBAir to your Wi-Fi network in just the same way you would connect a phone, the instrument then knows exactly what to do with t..

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