• Has Fracking Caused Earthquakes in Texas?

    The small town of Denton in Texas is the birthplace of the controversial practice of hydraulic fracturing (fracking), which has been something of a double-edged sword for the state. Whilst on the one hand providing a much-needed boost to the Texan economy, the health and environmental risks associated with the practice have been the grounds for complaint for many disgruntled local residents.
    As well as potentially compromising the cleanliness of local water supplies, there are also widespread fears that fracking is responsible for increased seismic activity in the area. While Texas has certainly endured an elevated number of earthquakes in recent years, the evidence linking this phenomenon to fracking specifically has been inconclusive.
    The Centre of Controversy Denton is widely considered as the home of fracking and has been something of the epicentre of the political and environmental storm that has surrounded the practice over the past few years. Late last year in November, the to..

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  • Casella’s dBadge2 ‘Gets Connected’ with the AirWave app

    As technology surges into almost every aspect of our daily lives, it’s unlikely that you haven’t already used an app today, be it to organise your daily routine or monitor your sleep pattern. So it’s no surprise that Casella has joined the app market with its new AirWave app which allows Casella’s dBadge2 noise dosimeter to #getconnected.
    The impact of occupationally-induced long term illnesses, such as hearing damage cannot be stressed enough. Now Casella, designers and producers of effective monitoring solutions has launched its new ground-breaking, next generation noise dosimeter. The dBadge2 with AirWave app connectivity enables employee noise exposure monitoring and reporting in real time and without disruption to workers.
    Users of the app can view the status of the pump, or even start, stop and pause the noise or dust monitoring device directly from an app on their mobile device.
    At the end of 2014, The Independent reported that there were officially more mobile phones in the ..

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  • British Design Helps Safety Professionals Meet Compliance with Noise at Work Regulations

    NOVA, Pulsar's (UK) latest safety professional handheld sound level meter is a perfect tool for compliant noise testing and sampling around the workplace as it is designed to provide busy HSE professionals with the main parameters required under the Regulations quickly, on one screen at all times. The meters are perfect for monitoring noise levels in a variety of work environments, with the view to collecting evidence and helping to address any noise at work issues.
    When it comes to expertise in noise measurement, Pulsar Instruments have become the name to look out for. This range of six sound meters combine the latest in digital technology and software development with the best of British engineering, making them ideal for both environmental and occupational noise applications.
    The meters, designed and manufactured in Yorkshire are ideal for Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) professionals seeking to meet the noise at work standards and regulations, and enable users to benefi..

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  • 5 Mistakes Not to Make When Dealing with Noise at Work

    It’s 10 years since the UK Control of Noise at Work Regulations were introduced covering all industry sectors and bringing us in line with the broader EU Directive.
    With a few overall exemption it meant extra protection for the UK workforce but has the legislation actually achieved what it set out to do a decade ago? According to official figures released by the HSE the UK still has around 18,000 people suffering deafness, tinnitus or other hearing conditions caused by Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Even after all these years, from my experience, there are five common mistakes that UK employers still make when it comes to tackling NIHL.
    Mistake No 1 is actually doing nothing. This sounds risky but it’s surprising how many employers still prefer to bury their head in the sand when it comes to NIHL, possible HSE prosecution and personal injury claims. One UK manufacturer was recently fined £16,000 and ordered to pay £11,000 towards the cost of the prosecution on the subject.

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