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Best Coast specializes in carpet and floor cleaning for residential and commercial properties. Through the years, we continue to learn new ways to serve our valued clients. We offer a wide range of services to satisfy any cleaning project.

Specialties – We offer much more than just carpet cleaning services: our wide range of services are all related to carpet cleaning are we abide by commonplace environmental standards. Some of our available services include antique and modern rug cleaning, green carpet cleaning, grout and tile cleaning, refinishing for wooden floors, tapestry and upholstery cleaning and cleaning of air ducts. As new trends are discovered, we also find ways on how to update our processes, equipment and methods in order to cope up with innovation.

Customer Support – In order to address all of our clients’ concerns, we have formed a group composed of talented customer service personnel. The group is responsible in answering comments, complaints, inquiries and other concerns coming from our existing and potential clients.

Customer Satisfaction – This is very important to us since this is where we get our inspiration. We do better each time because of the positive feedback that we get. In case of unfavorable concerns, we use them in order to improve and strive harder. For us, outstanding customer satisfaction is what keeps our business running.

Photos – We have set up a complete gallery showing many of our previous jobs. Through this, we are able to example for you the completeness and quality our services.

The next time you need a carpet cleaning service, you don’t have to go too far. Just fill out our Call Back form so that we can contact you. We also provide free assessment for any job that you have and a free price quotation after making some considerations.

Best Coast Carpet Solutions is the Best Carpet Cleaners Los Angeles.

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  • We offer a no obligation a free initial consultation

    *Phone estimates are based on a standard service rate. The quote you receive from your service technician will be a concrete figure and will be based on your individual needs. Best Coast always makes sure you are fully aware what the job will entail in order for us to satisfy your service expectations. We will not start any job before you know and agree to the quote we provide you. We believe in fairness, integrity, and communication. Best Coast will always communicate the expectations of the estimate prior to starting a service.